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Multi-Instance Scopes in Guice

Recently I worked on a project with Deanna Surma where we needed better and more flexible scope support from Guice, so we created the project guice-multiscopes. For those unfamiliar with dependency injection, inversion of control, and Guice, I highly recommend you explore the concepts and try it out with your next project.  I’ll continue assuming you have knowledge [...]

Introducing… World of Dub

In the spring of 2011, I was the lead programmer for the path-based strategy game World of Dub. Here are a few screenshots: To give you a quick summary, the game takes place in the future where robots have taken over the world, and there are only a few human survivors.  The survivors find dubstep music, [...]

JBox2D Testbed Update + Serialization

So I’ve noticed two major issues people have with jbox2d: Getting the engine running Debugging strange behavior The first issue usually comes from trouble with surrounding application, where graphics isn’t quite right or the engine isn’t getting initialized/updated correctly.  The second issue comes both from with the slightly steep learning curve of the Box2D API, [...]

Java URI encoder

Recently I discovered that the URL encoder provided in Java is meant for forms and headers, and not actual URLs.   After looking at the URI spec here, I created a quick and compact URI encoder for java: Edit: Updated with char-to-hex speed improvements, fixed < 15 bug, and now encodes unicode chars if > [...]