Routers! They also cut wood. (Cabinet Light Pt. 2)

I figured out a design! After calls to friends and chatting with friendly people at the local hardware store, I go with this design where I route out a single 2x4:

2-by-4 Design idea


I go with this design to prevent complicated carpentry work that I'm not confident about. Instead... I still do carpentry work I'm not confident about, but at least it's simple! Also, I get to buy a new toy :P

New supplies purchased:

  • A handheld Bosch GKF125CE hand router
  • An edge guide for the router.
  • A 5/8th" router bit with a bearing on the top (I was told by a friendly architect at the hardware store that I would need this - my edge guide made this not necessary)
  • A T-Slot router bit to make the slot for the light diffuser.

I start by doing a quick test route along something close to the center of the wood (not good at doing that yet), and it's not bad! (see video here where I damage the wood taking the router out too quick -- oops!)

The router!

The cut!

Finally, I use the other router bit that can take that groove out (so I can eventually slide in a light diffuser).

New bit, new cut

And again, here is the result:


Next time I'll probably be experimenting with the light diffusion, or the light program.

Published: 2021-01-01