Failures, learnings, and final light (Cabinet Light Pt. 6)

This is, I hope, the last entry in the cabinet light saga. While it was fun to tinker with the programming of the first one, a number of issues arose that were annoying to deal with. With the learnings from the first "prototype", I created a second version that was easier to build & should be MUCH safer.

Which one looks safer to you?


New Version

So what happened with the prototype?

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Electronics & dispersion (Cabinet Light Pt. 5)

It's time to start installing all of the electronics! I'm using the Arduino Metro here.

The Arduino Metro on a protoboard

Soldered in!

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Finishing up the wood (Cabinet Light Pt. 4)

I need to put the power supply, control circuit, and wires somewhere! To have enough room, I decided to route out a little box at one end of the light, and then two wire channels down the length of the light.

I should probably buy a dust collector...

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Repairing a P4400 Kill A Watt meter (aka 1800-Watt meter)

Recognize this thing? It measures your power usage and is somehow always more expensive than you expect. I definitely blew a fuse or something in mine drawing a lot of power - time to fix it!

P4400 Kill A Watt power usage meter

I learn after the fact that this is only designed to handle 15 amps, which at 120 volts is 1800 watts! That's a lot of watts.

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