Repairing a P4400 Kill A Watt meter (aka 1800-Watt meter)

Recognize this thing? It measures your power usage and is somehow always more expensive than you expect. I definitely blew a fuse or something in mine drawing a lot of power - time to fix it!

P4400 Kill A Watt power usage meter

I learn after the fact that this is only designed to handle 15 amps, which at 120 volts is 1800 watts! That's a lot of watts.

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Ouch! My Eyes! Arduino WS2812B Setup & RGBW Transformation (Cabinet Light Pt. 3)

Now that the enclosure is in a good-enough state, it's time to start trying to get the lights working!

Test Setup

Result: RGB knobs that control the color!

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Routers! They also cut wood. (Cabinet Light Pt. 2)

I figured out a design! After calls to friends and chatting with friendly people at the local hardware store, I go with this design where I route out a single 2x4:

2-by-4 Design idea


I go with this design to prevent complicated carpentry work that I'm not confident about. Instead... I still do carpentry work I'm not confident about, but at least it's simple! Also, I get to buy a new toy :P

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Cabinet Light Project - Part 1

I really want to replace this terrible light fixture under my cabinet:

Cabinet Light

It shines light right into your eyeballs and give you a headache. Not ideal.

To replace this, I want to build one! But a little fancier. I want to have:

  • The light to not shine directly into my eyeballs
  • Granular power controls
    • Turn a section on or off
    • Turn all on
    • Turn all off
  • Color controls
    • Modify the color to be any RGB - ideally warm white or cool white (I like a brighter cool white while my GF likes a warm white)
  • A nice wooden housing

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