Finishing up the wood (Cabinet Light Pt. 4)

I need to put the power supply, control circuit, and wires somewhere! To have enough room, I decided to route out a little box at one end of the light, and then two wire channels down the length of the light.

I should probably buy a dust collector...

Drilling the circuit box

First step is to start the circuit box with a nice big hole.

Box is drawn out.

This is a rather large drill bit.


Routing the box

Next, I can route out the rest of the box with a hand router.

It's time for routing.

Routing is in action.


Finally, I routed out some simple channels on the back of the wood to house the wires that will run down the length of the strip to power it, and connect to the buttons.

The box and channels are complete on this piece of wood.

Mistake - Cutting the 2x4

I made some mistakes here. First, I made a mistake by cutting the 2x4 into 3 pieces instead of keeping it one big piece. Second, I just tried to glue these together without dowels. It was VERY hard to keep these pieces from breaking apart, and I had to re-glue and reinforce one of these connections multiple times. It also didn't help that I didn't have a proper miter saw, which meant the cuts were not flat.

The ultra-clamp contraption I created for gluing the ends here.

The second glue was tricky.

I ended up putting in some pocket screws here too, but those also failed. Dowels would have been much, much better.

The first pocket screws

After that broke, the second pocket screws

Finishing & External Controls

I finished the wood with Rubio Monocoat - Oil Plus 2C, which brought out the color of the red cedar really well!

Unnecessarily finishing inside the circuit box

Drilling out the knob controls

Button holes, mid-finishing

End cap!


Now with the wood hopefully finished, we can move on to adding all of the circuitry!

Published: 2021-12-26